How to avoid the Facebook block on ICO ads?

Facebook Product Management Director Rob Leathern announced changes in company’s advertising policy. He stated, that “there are many companies who are advertising binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies that are not currently operating in good faith” and so, Facebook won’t be tolerating ICO ads anymore. This news are surely a disaster for cryptocurrency companies, but keep calm. There is a possibility to get around that ban. Here are few recommendations.

1. No links to company websites and ICO, to groups in Telegram, to blogs in Medium and to Facebook pages. Facebook collected addresses of websites that sell cryptocurrencies and every post that has a link to the site from the list is automatically banned.

2. No specialized hashtags. The most popular hashtags are easily tracked by the Facebook team and, of course, your post. Better use the ones that are not so straightly connected with ICO.

3. No target words. ICO, coin, bitcoin, cryptocurrency — replace these words or avoid them when writing your advertising post. Use initial coin offering, alternative currency, and token instead.

4. No annoyed with cryptocurrencies friends. If the post has no concrete markers, described above, the only way it could be banned is if someone complains about it. Check your friends’ list for bitcoin-haters and add new friends from specialized groups.

5. No “Notifications” ignorance. Check this bar regularly to hit the “This is not a spam” button if your post gained a complaint.

6. No phone secrecy. Add your telephone number to the page, so if it is banned you would be able to unlock it. On telephone number could be used only for one account.

7. No cryptocurrency names. If your page’s name contains words cryptocurrency, coin or bounty — change it to a real name or something that is not connected with ICO.

Good luck in your Facebook advertising campaign!

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