How To Get Your Telegram Channel To The Top?

Competition is a motor of development. Every competitor wants his product to be the best and tries hard to make customers choose it. Active promotion, different channels of communication, researches — everything does the job. Those who succeed — get to the top of the chart and gain a sufficient profit. The final income is a Holy Grail of every business, isn’t it?

The situation is the same with influencers, everyone tries to do the best content, attract the largest number of followers and make more profit of it. Some think of unique texts, some take gorgeous photos and some get information that no one else could offer (like an original experience ar valuable insider data). However, there are other tools in this never-ending competition. One of them is increasing reach through several different channels. Lots of YouTubers have accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitch where they promote their main channel

Despite being a very “young” messenger service, Telegram is becoming more and more popular these days. The biggest number of users are in Eastern Europe, but it rapidly conquers the international messenger niche. Besides the obvious message delivery functionality, it has channels that are considered to be a very perspective advertising platform. If you are an influencer and just now think about widening your reach — try Telegram. We have some tips that will help you to increase the number of followers really quickly.

First of all — content

Not a single technique will help you to attract visitors if your content is boring, out of date or hard to understand. People read short Telegram texts for entertainment and will stay with you only if you give them something interesting, funny or commonly educational. Useful tips, insider information, fresh news — that is what could bring you success. Write about topics no one other describes, make photos of things that other photographers ignore, use intriguing and eye-catching headers — be unique and original.

On the other hand — don’t go too far in attempts to be different from others. If you have a channel about filmmaking it won’t help you to post information about car engines (unless they are somehow connected with films). Every channel belongs to a niche and trying to talk about everything will only do worse. Talk about topics that are relevant to your channels sphere.

So, you have to preserve balance (like a Zen monk) and create a content that will be interesting and fresh, but still relevant to your niche. It is a hard task, I know, but if you master a skill of balancing — you will succeed.

Every social media channel differs from others and need different type of content. Just copying posts from your Facebook page would be a mistake. The best for Telegram is a short text (about 200–300 words) with a picture, so pay attention to the length of your posts.


A vast net of contacts is one of the keys to a lock that clothes a passage to the top. Search for other influencers that have more followers than you do and communicate with them. Ask them to re-post your articles to their channel (sometimes it will cost you some money), offer them re-posting of their articles instead. Social activity will bring new people not only to the Telegram channel but to your main social media too.

Let everybody know

Tell about your new channel to your audience and do it on all social media you have. The more people will see that you are expanding — the more of them will join you in the “new edge”. Ask your friends and subscribers to share news about your new channel — maybe someone who doesn’t want to join you, for example, on the Facebook, will find it convenient to become your Telegram subscriber.

Become visible to trespassers

There are catalogs that list Telegram channels according to categories — be sure that your channel is there. It could be hard to find the right channel for a person that has never seen a single post from you. Often people search for the channel that would interest them in such catalogs and if you ignore them — you’ll miss those people. For example, is the first place you should go.

Answer questions

Quora is a perfect place to promote yourself. Answering questions will help not only your Telegram channel but also other of your social media. Just don’t forget to add links to all of them in your profile description. Other question&answer platforms will also come in handy — time spent for answering will surely not be wasted.

By the way, you can use surveys and voting functionalities in all of your channels. People like to be questioned and will give you their opinion gladly. Later you will be able to analyze and use that data to make your content better.

Don’t avoid pictures

Yes, Telegram is not Instagram and you don’t have to post images only, but beautiful photos are still necessary. Users don’t like plain text; they like it to be illustrated. The more witty or eye-catching pictures you add to the channel — the more users will be interested in it. There are even channels filled with images only and if that would fit your content policy — why not do the same?

Either you will decide to create a Telegram channel or not — the main point is to constantly develop. If you have no progress — you begin to regress. Search for fresh ideas, try new solutions, move forward — and you will get to the top!

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