Influencer Marketing: the future of the industry

We all must face the fact that the days when consumers trusted traditional advertisements are long gone. Nowadays, influencer marketing has indeed become the new sexy. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, influencer ads cannot be blocked, give brands eternal SEO value and targeted exposure. Due to real-time results, influencer marketing gives brands quick publicity. It now produces 11 times the Return on Investment of traditional digital marketing. How can any business that moves with the times ignore this opportunity? As plenty of people understand it and even more of them actually take advantage of it, influencer marketing has definitely reached its peak nowadays. In the near future, influencer marketing will become a basic need for brands and companies. Besides, there are other factors that will make influencer marketing that stress its increasing importance.

Social networks always seek new ways to create and promote content on the Internet. You can see how often your social network apps update and add new features to diversify their content. The ultimate goal is to make audiences spend more time on the platform and share as much content as possible.

Influencer marketing will become part of every brand marketing strategy as it will directly impact customer acquisition. Along with Google Adwords, remarketing and other tactics, influencer marketing will immensely impact SEO and boost digital undertakings. Its potential will result in great loyalty among target consumers.

Web marketing is becoming a new standard. Traditional advertisers acknowledge that using the content posted on the Internet is important like never before. Famous quote by Bill Gates “Content is King” has become a motto for the majority of marketing and advertising agencies all over the world. Influencer marketing is now not only about pure sharing and creating content but also if, who and where sees that content.

Blogs and social media accounts grew into powerful advertising instruments for brands. Podcasts and blogs have developed an approach to deliver relevant and shareable information for the online generation to keep up. Such influencers not only quickly gain recognition among audience but also media potential for brands.

Influencer marketing is creating demand for new marketing tools. As companies are beginning to allocate more of their advertising funds into influencer marketing, a demand for an operating marketing platform will grow. This way, random throwing money at bloggers and content creators will cease to give way for organised marketing campaigns. It is going to become a highly technical marketing effort with secure compliance to regulations and ways to examine influencers’ credibility. It is quite important to create a platform that simplifies and automates the process of interaction between brands and influencers and this is exactly our goal.

SocialMedia.Market wants to solve major influencer marketing problems and create new opportunities for content monetization, audience targeting and engagement with brands. We also want to create a global marketplace for Influencers on every popular social network and Advertisers, provide both with transparent and handy tools for conducting business. With the use of Blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts, the possibility of fraud will close to zero and low commissions on transaction will significantly reduce costs for marketing campaigns. Extensive influencer database with real-time analytics will allow Advertisers to choose most relevant content creators for their products or services. Our Social Media Tokens will create a small ecosystem based on constant interaction between Influencers, Advertisers, Marketing Agencies and Agents.

On the whole, would you rather trust a banner with a new skin product or your favourite fashion model who recommends it on her Instagram? Everyone loves influencer marketing at it is to become the new advertising standard in the next few years. It is a revolutionary technique with amazing reach and great outcome.SocialMedia.Market will make it simple for any business to engage in influencer marketing and will ensure their marketing success.

SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized marketplace connecting social media bloggers and advertisers. A solution to the major influencer marketing problems, it creates new opportunities for content monetization, community engagement and audience exposure. The new ecosystem, driven by blockchain technology and social media token, will simplify marketing interaction between business and influencers.

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