Broadcasting the Social Life Mixtape

The last two weeks have brought launches of two important social products. Last week’s was Loladex, the Facebook app that let’s you create recommendations for your favorite restaurants, bars and local business services — something of a Yelp for the Facebook crowd.

And this week’s launch of Socialight at CTIA brings an equally impressive service to letting users make these same recommendations on the go with their mobile phone by creating their own “urban mixtape.

A mixtape lets Socialight users easily curate a personal collection of places and tag it with their own information or existing editorial content. These can be created, shared, and accessed on any mobile or web device. Users can receive an SMS or email the link to their Urban Mixtape — easily viewed on any web-enabled phone — and dynamically reordered around their current location. It can also be accessed with a GPS-enabled handset using the Socialight Mobile application.
As Michael Sharon, co-counder of Socialight, told us, “no one really uses guidebooks anymore. If they do, they just use a few pages. This is closer to what people are doing anyway.”

As our digital and physical lives continue to blend, it’s these types of hybrid experiences that will shape digital marketing, not as tools to be gamed, but as social applications that provide an organizations’ customers with a better and bigger microphone to talk about them.