Tuesday Morning Roundup

I haven’t had a chance to post here since last week as things have been pretty busy at the Lab and I’ve been writing more over at the Viget Engage marketing blog.

But a few interesting pieces caught my eye this morning that are worth sharing:

History of the Internet
It’s just as awesome as it sounds. Have a look:

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.
Via Barbarian Group & PICOL.

TheRole of Design in an Economic Downturn
“The world doesn’t need another social network which is merely a clone of Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing. What is needed in challenging economic times are transformational products and services that provide value to customers. “

Seth Godin’s Blog: Beauty as a Signaling Strategy
“Do you make something beautiful? It could be the way you write hand written letters or leave a little extra on the product, even if maybe it’s not so efficient. Sometimes efficiency is beautiful, but only whenit took a lot of extra effort to get there. Ordinary products are almost never beautiful. Austere products might be, but only when real effort is expended to make them that way.”