The SocialPing Story

We live in a world filled with technological advancement, one where an app exists to help us with just about anything we could ever want. We have apps for dating, apps for finding jobs, apps for health and exercise, apps to connect online, for music etc. apps, apps and more apps….yet, we are missing one major kind of app!

The kind of app that simply allows you to meet and make new friends without any dating pretext. An app that helps you to get the most out of being social.

This is why we created the SocialPing app.

I came up with the idea when I was traveling around the world, exploring new places, meeting new people but often times traveling alone.

Going out to bars and clubs solo, visiting historical sites, eating by myself; I sometimes felt, well, lonely. I didn’t always have the motivation to put myself out there and meet people as the guy traveling alone. Often times I wished for someone to show me around, someone to go places with, and someone to ultimately help me to have more fun. From this desire for friendship, the concept for the SocialPing mobile app was born.

Currently, we have very limited options to meet new people and make new friends. Once you graduate from school, connecting with cool and interesting people becomes harder than ever before, especially if you move to a new city for work.

How awkward is it to approach a random person and attempt to become friends?! What do you do if you want to catch a movie, see a concert, watch a ball game, grab coffee or lunch…and you have nobody to go with? Flying solo isn’t all bad, but enjoying your favorite activities with another person or group of people is always better, right?!

Sure you can make a friend or two at work or maybe through one’s religious affiliation (if you are so inclined). However, for the vast majority of us, once we finish school meeting new people and making new friends is difficult to say the least, not to mention awkward.

Apps like Tinder solve this problem on the dating front, a swipe here or there and you are off to finding a date. But, what do you do when you want to have fun but not date, flirt or hookup?! Right now, there isn’t much at all unless you want to jump through a bunch of intermediary steps that takes forever and forever doesn’t cut it in our new mobile world. We want what we want, when we want it.

Now with the SocialPing app, a few clicks and you are on your way to hanging out with a new friend doing what you both love to do. It is easy, simple and fast…perfect for our mobile way of life.

Get the most out of your social life and never go it alone!

With ❤ from SocialPing

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