Higher education applications

Yes, it’s that time again. Friday 20 October is the deadline for UCAS applications to the sixth form team to guarantee submission by Christmas.

After that the team will still accept applications, but can’t guarantee they’ll be sent off before Christmas.

Do not submit and pay for your application on UCAS until told to by the sixth form team.

Once you’ve sent UCAS your application, you can’t change it. So don’t until the sixth form team say you can.

Submitting your application to the sixth form team

To submit your application for checking by the sixth form team, you need to complete an application summary sheet with your universities and grades, then get your subject teachers to sign it. You’ll have one in your guide to UCAS (the yellow book) but more are available from the sixth form office and you can download one here.

Once you’ve completed your application summary sheet, attach it to a full print out of your UCAS application (and any other application forms for non-UCAS institutions) and give it to your tutor for checking.

What happens next

Once the sixth form team have checked your application, they’ll contact you with corrections and advise on how to improve it. Then they’ll tell you to submit and pay on UCAS.

To submit and pay on UCAS, you need to have completed all sections and marked them all as complete. Then you can go to the Pay/Send section to send it off. :-)


There are a few common mistakes people make on UCAS applications. Remember that:

  • your ‘Area of permanent residence’ needs to be North Somerset, unless you live in Bristol itself
  • your ‘Fee code’ for student support is ‘02 UK, ChI, IoM or EU student finance services’, unless you are applying for health-professional courses (where it will be ‘05 DH/Regional Health’). However, medicine is 02
  • ‘Student support arrangements’ must be set to the same as your ‘Area of permanent residence’ (North Somerset, unless your live in Bristol itself)
  • if you don’t nominate someone for ‘Nominated Access’, UCAS will not talk to them on your behalf
  • the centre number for Backwell School is 50601
  • you need to enter all results, even if you’ve retaken them since
  • GCSE double science should be entered as ‘GCSE: Double Award (A*-A* to G-G)’, not two separate GCSEs
  • GCSE English literature at Backwell needs to be entered as ‘Level 1 /Level 2 Certificates (Ofqual-approved IGCSE, e.g. for UK state schools)’, not a GCSE (exam board: WJEC)
  • external-performance qualifications (for example, ISTD certificates with your dance school) need to be entered under your teacher/school as a separate school/college, not under Backwell School

Getting it right first time will help save time later. Speak to your tutor or the sixth form team if you have any questions. If you miss the 20 October deadline, the team will still try to get your application done before Christmas but can’t guarantee it.

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