Social Snapshot — 03.27.17

Whenever someone is like “well what about Snapchat?” No, but in all seriousness, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just because a platform exists doesn’t mean your brand (or you should try to convince your brand) that you should be on it. Is your audience there? Does it fit your brand voice? Does anyone give an actual shit? If you answered no to any of these… then just direct your focus to strategize around what you are doing currently more efficiently or seek out other channels to distribute your message.

Okay, rant over. Now let’s move on to today’s Social Snapshot.


Social/Content News

  • Facebook Messenger Live Location Sharing: Facebook Messenger is rolling out a new feature that allows users to share their location live for up to an hour. This will come in handy for everything from meeting up with friends, to keeping tabs on loved ones for safety. Check out the video below for how it works. (9to5 Mac)
  • Facebook Testing GIFs in Comments: This to me seems like a given. It makes so much sense to be able to respond to people with GIFs in comments (and not just stickers). Crossing my fingers that this rolls out soon. How else would I be able to insert the Michael Jackson popcorn eating GIF as my friends chew each other’s heads off about March Madness, politics and more? (WeRSM)
  • Facebook Improving Local Search: Facebook’s local search is getting some renovations that are bound to put it in the ring with Google Maps. Of course, it won’t be nearly as massive, but this is yet another feature that strives to keep users in-app for all of their needs. (WeRSM)
  • Snapchat Passes Twitter for Ad Spend: According to The Motley Fool, Snapchat has passed Twitter to become the number two platform for ad spend. Personally, I’m still not sold just yet as Snapchat currently has one of the lowest ROIs (including Twitter) amongst its peers. (Motley Fool)
  • Google to Focus on Header Bidding Alternative: Google, facing pressure from Facebook, is moving partners and publishers to its EBDA (exchange bidding dynamic allocation). This is huge because with header bidding rolling out it levels the playing field which has been dominated by Google’s DoubleClick. (Ad Age)

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