Social Snapshot — 08.01.16

It’s Monday so kick off your week the right way with a good laugh!

Social Media

  • Facebook Reaches Over 1 Billion Users: The amount of monthly active users on Facebook has reached 1.71 billion. This is an increase of 15% from just three months ago. In a time where some are seeing the platform as dying now that are parents have invaded — it’s actually quite the opposite. (Read More)
  • Facebook May Cause Rifts Between Brands & Publishers: This POV takes a deep look at how some of the recent updates from Facebook may affect relationships between brands and publishers. Facebook’s new tool grants more insight into how much traffic to native ads comes from Facebook ads versus websites organically. (Read More)
  • Twitter “Night” Mode: Twitter rolled out a new feature on Android that allows users to convert their screen into night mode. This will change the color scheme to make it an easier viewing experience on the eyes. (Read More)
  • Filtering Comments on Instagram: As we see more platforms move towards the route of taking a stance against cyber-bullying, Instagram has joined the cause. They will be rolling out a feature that allows uses to filter comments allowed on their pages. Though there isn’t a set date, Instagram did admit that this tool was currently in the works for the public after it has already rolled out to some brands and celebrities. (Read More)
  • Instagram Business Profiles Are Here: Business profiles are rolling out across the platform. They allow users to contact their favorite brands, while giving brands access to insights such as impressions and reach. (Read More)

Awesome Ads

  • Netflix Socks: Deeplocal designed Netflix socks that can tell when you have fallen asleep and pause what you are watching. #NetflixAndChill anyone? (Read More)

Lastly, did you know that the Rolling Stones did an ad for Rice Krispies?