Social Snapshot -11.21.16

Today in History: Rocky debuts in 1976.

After today there are only five more Mondays in 2016. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday this year was starting. There have been so many advancements in the world of social that one can only wonder what’s next.


  • Grandma’s Cooking: We all get wrong number texts all the time, but how we respond to them can vary. I’m sure this is not how either party expected this interaction to go down. After a SMS exchange between two people that have never met, everyone is rooting for them to unite on Thanksgiving. (BuzzFeed)
  • #SurvivalGuideToThanksgiving: It’s that time of year where we stuff our faces and gather with family. It’s only right that we add a comedic spin on it. (Twitter)
  • Office Depot-gate: Okay, maybe I need some work on the name but this is still an interesting story developing. A hidden camera crew discovered that Office Depot stores were falsely diagnosing computers with viruses in order for employees to hit goals. (Digital Trends)
  • Avatar Theme Park: Disney announced that they are planning to open an Avatar based theme park in 2017, at Animal Kingdom within the Disney theme park. (Digital Trends)

Social Media/Content

  • Instagram Live: Instagram recently confirmed what many have already been speculating for weeks — live video. As live video continues to grow in popularity, it will be truly interesting to see how brands adopt the new feature into their own strategies. (WeRSM)
  • Facebook Unified Inbox: Facebook is rolling out a tool that allows brands to respond to all of their channels (Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram) within the same platform. (WeRSM)

Periscope Rolls out Updates: Periscope recently rolled out an update that allows for broadcasters to send their viewers an invitation to follow their account or share the broadcast they are watching. (Social Times)

Facebook addresses fake news complaints.
  • Social Media Can Cost You Your Job: Many people are under the false impression that what they post on Facebook is protected under the first amendment. Therefore, they think that regardless of what they post they won’t lose their job. They’re wrong. (Digital Trends)

Awesome Ads

Now the tables have turned
Santa forgot!
Steph Curry with the shot.

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