Social Snapshot — 12.07.16

It’s hump day which means we are that much closer to the weekend. We are also that much closer to 2017. We’ve seen so much innovation in 2016 that I am truly excited to see what next year has in store.

Also, I stumbled across a truly dope content creator on Instagram who takes photos and turns them into 3D renderings. Of course, since more people have discovered him he is now charging (and rightfully so) for his services. I’ll probably try it out myself. Check out Lance’s work here!


Social Media/Content

  • Posts on Facebook Have Higher Reach With…: A study by Keywee found that organic posts with a higher number of words saw a higher reach and engagement as they were more likely to be seen in the News Feed. This hasn’t been verified by Facebook just yet but it is definitely worth testing for your brand. (Social Times)
  • Facebook Using AI to Flag Offensive Videos: Facebook is going to be using AI to better moderate video content, with a focus on Facebook Live, on its platform. It’s still in the early stages, but it is something the company is committed to rolling out in the future. (WeRSM)
Source: Instagram
  • Instagram Steps Up Against Hate Speech: Following in the footsteps of social networks like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, Instagram is taking a stronger stance against hate speech. Users with private accounts will be able to remove followers without having to block them, report users that they feel are a threat to themselves, and like individual comments in an effort to promote positivity. (Instagram)
Source: Instagram
Source: Tint

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