Social Snapshot — A Baby’s 1st Coke, Find Wi-Fi w/ Facebook, iOS11 & more!

So many people, myself included (but shh don’t tell my boss), hate ads that interrupt what they are doing. Whether it’s reading an article and a pop-up takes over your screen, a pre-roll ad before your favorite music video on YouTube, or even commercials during prime time television — for the most, people don’t give a sh**.

I know that may be a hard pill to swallow for some of my fellow marketers, but don’t worry hope isn’t lost. In fact, I actually think it’s a great opportunity for marketers that get it to stand out above the rest!


  • Happy 4th: Hope everyone has an amazing July 4th! (Twitter)
  • iOS11: So many updates. Hold off on updating until it’s out of Beta, but I can’t promise you I’ll take my own advice. (CNET)
  • Choose Your Own (Wikipedia) Adventure: Developer Kevan Davis has created a “choose your own adventure” for Wikipedia. Users can navigate from location to location to find articles related to that specific area. While the focus is learning, it’s a pretty neat way to learn new information from the site. (Digital Trends)
  • Baby’s 1st Coke: If the work doesn’t blow me away like this, I’m probably not interested. (What’s Trending)

Social/Content News


  • “Find Wi-Fi” Feature: Facebook is rolling out their “Find Wi-Fi” feature after offering the beta last year. It’s exactly what it sounds like and will allow (smart) marketers to entice consumers to come in, enjoy some free internet, and potentially leave as new customers. (Digital Trends)
Facebook “Find Wi-Fi”
Rewarded Video
  • Rewarded Video: Facebook announced a new ad format in its Audience Network, Rewarded Video. The format will allow for users to get an in-game reward in exchange for watching a video. This will allow for users to select what they want to engage in, without forcing content down their throats. They literally get to choose to see your spot! (WeRSM)
  • More Facebook Page Insights: Page admins are in for a treat. Admins will now be able to see landing page views, pre-impression activity breakdown, Follows, Previews, and Recommendations. These updates are meant to help marketers determine which ads work. (WeRSM)
Facebook Page Insights
  • Cracking Down on Link Spammers: This shouldn’t impact brands too much and actually excites me. Granted I typically just remove “friends” on Facebook who continuously post links, Facebook is limiting the reach on profiles that utilize this spamming method of clickbait. (Social Media Today)


  • “Nested” Comments Being Tested on Android: About time, sheesh! Okay, all jokes aside I’m actually really hype about this. Instagram has been testing a feature similar to Facebook where replies to comments are nested directly under the comment. This will help users keep tabs on a conversation that would typically get lost amongst the clutter for posts that generate a ton of comments. (WeRSM)
Instagram Nested Comments


  • Twitter to Stream Wimbledon Live…Kind of: Twitter and Wimbledon’s All England Club have agreed on a deal to stream news, interviews, match highlights, and other behind-the-scenes content live. This deal, however, does not include the matches themselves. Though that is a downside for some, it still serves as a way to connect users with Wimbledon on a personal level. (Digital Trends)


  • Snapchat Map Worries Some Parents: And rightfully so. I talked about Snapchat Map in my last Snapshot. It allows users to display where they are on a map. However, it’s off by default and users can opt into “Ghost Mode” which ensures no one can see where they are. Definitely understand the worry, but it can be easily avoided with a simple conversation about privacy with your kids. (WCAX)

Cool Apps

  • Lumyer: This AR-based app allows users to try on jewelry, accessories, glasses, etc. before moving them into their cart for purchase. I’m eager to see where this goes or if it gets bought by a larger company (*cough* Facebook) as the app was founded in 2015, and boasts more than 16 million downloads. And of course, they added an option to share your look on social media for peer feedback on if those shades are right for you. Definitely worth checking out, especially for those in the e-commerce space. (WeRSM)

Dope Reads

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