What’s Good in Social — 03.13.18

#ShoutOut Larry Kim for this!

Work-life balance is something that is researched, talked about, debated over, and there are a ton of memes out there that reflect what you could/should/would’ve been doing. However, I love this chart because I literally do a couple of the above (which best believe I’m cutting off now).

Luckily I love what I do so let’s go ahead and jump into today’s issue of What’s Good in Social.


  • Time’s Up Advertising: More than 180 female execs from across many agencies such as DDB Worldwide, Wendy Clark, Wieden+Kennedy, R/GA, BBDO and more came together to address sexual harassment and systematic inequality in the workplace. (TimesUpAdvertising)
  • SXSW: The South by Southwest conference is taking place in Austin until March 18th. While I’m anxiously awaiting updates, I can’t lie and say I don’t wish I was there. It’s like nerds + tech + music + culture colliding in one place. (SXSW)
  • The Dog-Man: This dog has a human face and it’s hilarious. That’s really all I wanted. No insight here, just hilarity. (BuzzFeed)



  • Boost for Influencers: The new changes to Facebook’s algorithm means less viewability for brands, but more for influencers. Can’t say this is what I expected when I kept telling everyone this was the era for influencers. But, I will gladly tell a couple people — I told you so. (Forbes)
  • MLB Live Streaming Deal: Facebook and the MLB have signed a deal that will allow Facebook to live stream 25 games starting in April. Great…now baseball can always be showing not just on TV, but my social pages too. (Bloomberg)





  • Agenda: A note-taking app that is centered around dates. Thinking I’m going to try it out for some of the projects I have coming up. (WeRSM)


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