What’s Happening in Social — 01.29.18


  • iOS 11.3 Update: Apple will be releasing an update to iOS that will bring AR, new Animojis, updates to the Health app, and several other new features. Can I just say, reading this article has me excited. I think I feel a POV coming on. (Deccan Chronicle)
  • Spotify Launches “Spotlight”: To up their podcast game Spotify is launching a new multimedia format that combines visual elements with their podcasts. Not sure how much this will help with their reach compared to Apple, but still excited for this. (WeRSM)



  • Family/Friends Over Everything: Once again Facebook has announced there will be changes to their algorithm which will prioritize photos from family/friends will be what users see more, rather than branded content. While advertisers are freaking out (but shouldn’t be surprised), I’m actually excited since I primarily use the platform to catch up on what is going on in people’s lives. (NY Times)


  • Snap Inc. Layoffs: About two dozen people were laid off from several divisions. Most employees came from content teams in New York and London with the remaining employees from content moving to the California location in Venice. While not necessarily unexpected for anyone following Snap Inc. in the news, it still raises some eyebrows on what’s next from a growth perspective. (TechCrunch)
  • Say Goodbye to the White Frame: Snapchat rolled out an update (on iOS) that gets rid of the white frame that surrounded videos/photos that were posted via “memories” or camera roll. A small, but much needed aesthetic change. (The Verge)



  • Life Hacks: You know those people that always seem to have the solution to things regardless of what avenue? Well, this app helps you become one of them! Download it here. (TechRadar)
  • Hitlist: Get your travel on this year. Everything from flight deals, to weekend getaways, to so much more! Plus, Hitlist is on the iOS store too. Download the Android version here. (TechRadar)


  • Sweatcoin: Imagine getting paid for being fit? While it may take a while to get those coins up, once you do you can exchange them for all sorts of stuff. And it’ll help you hit those resolutions. Download it here. (TechCrunch)



  • Nutella Riot: You read that absolutely correctly. Apparently, people in France love their Nutella. So much, that when the brand reduced the price by 70% there was violence! (CNN)