Linkedin and Facebook doing a Socialyk clone. Multiple attempts and they are still failing at it miserably. Examples of Stolen designs and functionalities on Facebook and Linkedin

J Ranjan
J Ranjan
Mar 9, 2017 · 8 min read

2 of the biggest social media platforms Facebook and Linkedin hardly need any introductions. What started out as a phenomenon in 2004 as a new mode of being cool and staying connected still continues to grow at manifold rates. When FB started in 2004 from a Harvard Dorm, took the world by storm and slowly everyone wanted to be on FB. Linkedin came along the way in the next few years.

A decade later these 2 giants are going all out against each other. Social media platforms are abundant with posts highlighting how these 2 biggies resemble and more or less becoming like each other. What most of us fail to understand and ask is WHY are these 2 companies so frequently making changes and trying out various things. Why the sudden change in behavior and why the sudden urge to roll out various new features. And are these features actually new in the way its being forceably bulldozed by various media houses on the users. And there are millions of why’s that need to be answered.

I have been too busy to write about this for almost close to an year now. I represent Intelliber Technologies INC as its Founder & CEO. Intelliber Technologies is an innovation, customer focused and primarily a product startup and has some of the best products industry has ever seen, named Socialyk, Employrr, Convask apart from other subsidiaries in our portfolio like ITMRD, Contentuals and Network Story. Socialyk is the world’s 1st SaaS based, Fully Functional, end-to-end, demand and supply side networking platform. I am writing this story on Medium to answer all the why’s and what forced linkedin and facebook to make these changes and how facebook and linkedin are inspiring its users by stealing designs and functionalities from a lesser known but presently the world’s fastest growing networking platform named Socialyk. Its more a case of stolen designs and functionalities by these 2 giants.

Back in the March of 2014 when I started Intelliber Technologies, Socialyk happened to be of utmost priority to me. It was a single employee and single founder company then before I got my best friend and my current co-founder & CTO; Ashish Rohilla on-board in October of 2015. I started out by speaking to various experts and conducting market researches in order to understand has disruptive SaaS could be and which industries problem could achieve highest intensity in regards to significant impact on the lives of users. After researching more than 28000 marketers globally, I prepared a basic PPT and started sending out to various investors. Contacted many folks across linkedin primarily and how Socialyk had the potential to create a separate identity for itself and co-exist with facebook and linkedin.

Screenshot of my messages to investors on Linkedin including the 2 who were initial investors across FB and Linkedin

Above is the Screenshot of inMAIL’s sent to many investors where I am seen pitching Socialyk. Either the idea din’t seem appealing to them or may be they thought FB and Linkedin were the last forms of innovation ever possible in the industry. Whatever be the case I never heard from them. By now the pitches of Socialyk were circulating the desks and email inboxes of various investors and 2 of them whom I am not going to name here were earliest investors in FB and Linkedin.

The actual development on Socialyk started at the end of 2015. By now some of the ideas like having a buy and sell group AKA classifieds category was already picked up by Facebook. The wireframe for v1.0 of Socialyk which was designed by our architect has been link indexed above. v1.0 went live on 25th Dec of 2015. As a future competitor and as a product which was very late on getting its development started, we knew these things were going to happen and most of all we knew that the 2 biggies had a hold of our basic idea’s PPT for Socialyk. We knew the risks and we knew the challenges of starting late. Like every startup we had just come back from the dead. Pretty soon news about the classifieds category being tested and launched on Facebook started doing the rounds on major publications. Version 1.0 of Socialyk was disposed by me later in the March of 2016. We knew what FB and linkedin were doing and hence we continued keeping a track of their web prints and Socialyk’s web and different version’s history. We had figured out that FB and linkedin were indeed picking up the bits and pieces of our designs and functionalities and they were majorly trying to kill and demotivate us by stealing our innovations.

Undettered by what these 2 giants were doing, we launched v2.0 of Socialyk by April 2016 and tested newer functionalities but in lesser number of categories in order to keep linkedin and FB guessing about our next moves and we intentionally delayed integration of other categories in order to protect our platform as a whole and maintain our competitive edge that has by now been established on the product innovation front. The wireframes, functional and other design related documents related to v2.0 of Socialyk can be checked here.

Facebook and Linkedin had realized that they were just catering to specific aspects of human needs. They had realized they were not catering to the functional and productive aspects that any networking platform should have in the very first place. Facebook was more social and least functional. Linkedin was more professional and still least functional. By now some of the media houses like the Huffington Post had figured out what FB and Linkedin were doing and why there was a sudden urge to move towards the functional side. Huff Post ran an interview with me where I talked about how the social media networking industry is going to be more functional and how platforms like FB and linkedin would have to start from scratch to design something like Socialyk. The Huff post interview with me about Functional Networking and Socialyk can be read here.

Screen by screen analysis of Linkedin’s current UI and Socialy’s version 1.0 design which we disposed in April of 2016

Above is the screenshot for Linkedin’s current UI after signup. The recently launched UI for linkedin is majorly inspired and stolen from the disposed versions of Socialyk. The current UI is a combination of the designs from both the disposed versions of Socialyk. The concept of having a default cover page was stolen by LinkedIN from Socialyk and sadly they event went to the extent of picking up our default cover picture (minor changes) from one of the disposed version (v2.0).

Here you can see how linkedin has copied the default cover page and profile design from version 2.0 of Socialyk which we disposed in January of 2017.

In the same way if you look at the recently launched Jobs category in FB (in addition to the previously stolen classifieds category), the entire design and functionality for “Post a Job” tab has been picked up from Socialyk.

Post a Job functionality and design copied by FB from Socialyk

These are not the only examples. There are many other designs, functionalities and approaches that have been stolen by FB and Linkedin from Socialyk. The recently added “Quick Help” section on Facebook has been inspired from “How Do I” section on the current version of Socialyk.

Similarities between the How do I section on current version of Socialyk and the current Quick Help on Facebook

The design and functionality provided by Facebook for adding an offer/event to the page owners for companies were actually picked up from the classifieds category in v2.0 0f Socialyk.

Design copied by Facebook from Version 2.0 classifieds category on Socialyk for its current companies page versions.

The expand/collapse feature on images within facebook has been again inspired and stolen from Socialyk.

Expand and collapse feature on Facebook copied and stolen from Socialyk

Many of you might say that this could be a co-incidence and I would really respect your views. But how can 100’s of things being copied by Facebook and Linkedin from Socialyk be just a coincidence. A detailed comparison of all the functionalities inspired and stolen from Socialyk by FB and Linkedin can be viewed here.

Following are the credentials to look into the disposed versions of Socialyk.

Version 1.0: Username: PW: 123456

Version 2.0: Username: PWD: Intelliber@123

The post here is not an attempt to gather sympathy or empathy, neither it is an attempt to claim things which other companies are doing. This is just an attempt to let the users on FB and Linkedin stay informed and that they are being inspired through stolen functionalities and seamless and scalable designs of Socialyk. The ease and the approach with which we have designed the current version (V3.0) of Socialyk just goes on to prove that we are loving our competition with them. For a startup like ours FB and Linkedin should have been a benchmark but its the other way round for folks at Socialyk and Intelliber Technologies. Socialyk is the new benchmark and stolen designs and functionalities from Socialyk by these 2 fortune companies just validates our ideas, power of Socialyk as a platfiorm and the fact that we are indeed bringing heat, substantially and a health and challenging competitition for them.

The copying by FB and Linkedin ensured that we pushed ourselves further and kept innovating further and courtesy them the current UI and platform is million times better and is being talked about as “Fresh out of the oven” kinda testimonials by experts. What we love at Socialyk is the fact that we have forced Facebook and Linkedin to keep guessing and what our next moves are going to be. We have kept our cards closest to ourselves at Socialyk. They really don’t understand in how many ways we can possibly evolve. You can be rest assured that any new categories FB and Linkedin launches is infact already on Socialyk and have been launched months after Socialyk first launched it. I am neither looking for an acceptance by these 2 giants that Socialyk is the new benchmark for them. You can check the current UI and Functionalities on Socialyk either by loggin in or checking the designs here. We have created a publically shared folder for everyone on the web to look into our current Socialyk platform designs, functionality and UI, Version 1.0 of Socialyk and Version 2.0 of Socialyk.

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Fully-functional AI based and SaaS focused networking platform

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J Ranjan

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Fully-functional AI based and SaaS focused networking platform