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Ghana’s Street Children: The Ignored Kings & Queens

Over 90,000 plus street children roam Ghana ignored, dodging traffic and refused an education and love

TB Obwoge
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6 min readMay 15, 2021
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There’s an unverified number of children in the streets of Ghana begging for money or food daily. Some even trying to earn their living, either forced by their parents or some other adult. It shouldn’t be any surprised that the priority of children isn’t important in a corrupt, money hungry country!

Ghana government and citizens are selling pieces of its self off to the Chinese, Indian or White skinned foreigner. A country more concerned with making money than taking care of its citizens. Most of the poorest paid in the country are the ones that keep Ghana running, from the water sellers, to those selling food. The hospitality & hotel staff whom are overworked as well as severely underpaid. It should be considered criminal the wages that are paid to those who work long, thankless hours yet keep the money coming into Ghana.

However children whom should not be working AT ALL especially in the streets or forced to beg for their meals. These children should be in government funded free schools. A country with so many impoverished, yet school fees along with poverty are the number one things keeping children on the streets. Along with a country that doesn’t care about children, or their education. It’s a few countries like this Ghana is one of many.

A few years ago the American news show 20/20 reported that America had over 2 million homeless children, the richest country on earth with a over 300 million people had at that time 2 million homeless children with over 500 thousand children living in foster care needing parents. Sites lists some of the countries with high numbers of homeless sadly many developed countries top the list, like Australia blaming others from outside the country for contributing to their homeless, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China these countries have probably worse numbers since the year long pandemic hit.

Homeless means no permanent stable place to live, many children fall into this category, many countries don’t properly handle children’s issues either.



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