Contributing to Our Design System: The (Happy) Tale of Creating a New Component

From being imagined in someone’s head to being added to the design system and ready for use by everyone

“How do I do this? Who should I talk to? Should I do it on my own? Should I discuss it with the people working on the DS beforehand? After?”

  1. Collaborative
    Allowing anyone to suggest and work on improvements or new things to be added to the system.
  2. Easy
    Ensuring that the process of contributing and sharing ideas is super simple for everybody.
  3. Transparent
    Centralizing all design-related work and ideas about the DS in one place, accessible to all.

1. Request creation

One single entry point for all requests
Template to fill in for a “new component or pattern” request

2. Check by the Council

3 type of labels are to be added to each request : request outcome, complexity and priority
  • Something new — it doesn’t exist in the design system and it’s brand new
  • Priority high — it is needed for a project and several other designers would use it on their projects in the near future
  • Complexity 3 — it requires a lot of work from a design point of view

3. Design process

The tag picker ticket is now visible at the top of the “In progress” column
Steps of the design process for a new component
Quickly see the completed steps (3 out of 5 here) in the card

4. Development

5. Documentation

Steps to complete the documentation page
The [DOC] ticket related to the creation of the tag picker
The process of the component request through all the stakeholders working on it (designer, Council and developer)
Characters illustrations from Humaaans



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