SCSM 2021 Graduate Student Paper Prize Winner: Hannah Snavely

by Cathy Ann Elias

Hannah Snavely (Doctoral student at University of California, Riverside), “The Global Encounter as Communitas: Inter-Pilgrim Musicking Along the Contemporary Camino de Santiago”

Snavely’s paper on musical experiences on the Camino de Santiago was particularly impressive in its fine judgment of the balance between presenting a very specific example and discussing larger conceptual and theoretical ideas. The paper was thoughtfully constructed with a clear line of argument. Ethnographic evidence was well used and helpfully situated in relation to some appropriate theoretical frameworks; knowledge of these was clear, and quotations from relevant secondary literature were used with precision. Though the focus was narrow, there was a conscious and convincing attempt to explain its broader significance, but also a keen awareness of the methodological limits and the need for further research.

Many thanks go to the SCSM 2021 Graduate Student Paper Prize Committee:
Cathy Ann Elias, chair
Committee members:
Pedro Aponte and Martin Clarke




A society dedicated to Christian scholarship in music. For more information, please see the SCSM website:

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