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Millions of people from every age, discipline, race, country and lifestyle are ready to join together and design a different reality. Society 4.0 is where the conversation about that new reality starts. I'd love your feedback. Reach me directly at mbhaupt@gmail.com.
Note from the editor

Society 4 is a unique global experiment to collaboratively birth an entirely new social agreement that transforms the way we engage with companies, institutions, each other, all living creatures and the ecosystem. Crowd sourced governance is our aim. Our mission is to reach, move and engage with those who want to build new societies and address global problems, from the ground up. We’re about journalism, education, storytelling and policy. We want to be a reflection of people, events, places and ideas that confirm the emergence of a new type of decentralised, peer-to-peer society. We want to pull in philanthropists, change agents, policy makers, researchers, donors, technologists and makers. We want to give a voice to the 12,000+ who are solving super-wicked problems. Collectively we want to pull humanity forward into a bright, new future. The force of a community can be incredibly powerful. It can even change the world. Get involved directly or simply follow us here and @society4 on Twitter.

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Michael Haupt
Advocate for whole system transcendence | In-progress book: Society 4.0 — The Epic Story of the Game That Birthed a Civilisation: https://medium.com/society4