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Society 4.0

Shhh! 🤫 I’m a Society 4.0 denizen — are you?

This is how a new world is emerging, under the radar….

Huh, denizen? What the…?

You’re here because somebody who cares about you invited you. Someone who thinks like you do. Someone that doesn’t buy into what is happening in the world right now.

We discovered — despite what the media says — that there are millions of us. We’re just not visible, yet.

Millions that don’t want to unquestioningly wear masks, that don’t agree with the experimental jabs labelled as ‘vaccines.’

We thought it would be useful if there was a way to find each other, below the Karen-radar. So we created an interactive online map.

Society 4.0 Interactive Map
Society 4.0 is emerging in every continent, country and city. Join us.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized the power of a map for US (you, me and everyone who wants to engage with like-minded people).

What if the simple act of placing yourself on a map could kick off an entirely new way of existence, Society 4.0?*

A new kind of society, where those who want to participate live the way they want to; not the way we’ve been told to live. It’s a society for those who can think for themselves; who are tired of being lied to; who can no longer stand the manipulation and enforced control.

The map is simply a place for anyone who doesn’t agree with what’s happening right now to find each other.

From that, we know that amazing things can happen. We can start to collaborate with like-minded people. New projects can emerge; new forms of energy can be shared; funding of ideas that the ‘old paradigm’ want to keep suppressed can take place.

We see a hidden network of people like ourselves, popping up in every place in the world. Opening shops and restaurants where you don’t have to mask-up (or — coming very soon — be vaccinated). Doing business together. Starting communities. Doing health differently. Doing life differently!

It all starts with connection. And that’s what the map can help us do!

If this feels like home, why not get yourself on the map? There’s a short form to complete. This will get you on the map. Once you’re on, it’s up to YOU to start making connections with others in your area. This is YOUR place to start creating magic. Nobody is going to save us. We have to do it ourselves — we have to be the hero we’ve been waiting for. Maybe the map can help.

Tap to join Society 4.0
Tap to add yourself to the map. If you don’t have an invite code, you may use 6651 until May 5th, 2021.

* It’s called Society 4.0 because that’s the society that comes after the ‘Industrial Society’ (Society 3). Society 1 was the Agrarian Society, and 2 was the Trade Society.

What’s a denizen? There’s a new society emerging. In the old paradigm, the word ‘citizen’ has meanings that members of this new society don’t agree with. So we use the word ‘denizen’ as a replacement. It just means ‘someone who belongs’.



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