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Organizing Principles for a World in Transition

These core assumptions & guiding ideas can help navigate the collapse (I think)

“Everything is perfect exactly the way it is, including my desire to change it.” — Ram Das. Photo by Markus Spiske

When the notorious and questionable global lockdowns of 2020 commenced, I set out to develop a framework that would (hopefully) enable the wise and conscious navigation of a world gone mad. My intention was to explore the nexus of disease, food, water, energy, climate change, but within the context of human progress. Some of the burning questions I hoped to find answers for were:

  • Why is Covid-19 such a divisive topic, with equally strong viewpoints both for and against vaccination?
  • Why is climate change such a divisive topic, with strong and contradictory viewpoints about whether humans have a noticeable impact on climate? (We know they have a disastrous impact on the environment, but climate?)
  • Why is there so little intelligent debate on topics that clearly impact humanity’s future?
  • Why is there strong support for renewable energy, when science shows that it simply cannot power the planet?
  • What does net zero actually mean and what are the mechanisms for getting there? Is it an environmental policy or an economic policy? Does it even make sense?
  • Why the overly noisy focus on climate? What is the noise distracting us from seeing? What about the debt-based monetary system, which requires growth-at-all-cost to repay interest that can never be repaid and therefore results in constant growth on a planet with finite resources?
  • Why is the Private sector being forced into ESG disclosures under the guise of climate change?
  • Why is the People sector (civil society) witnessing severe loss of personal freedoms under the guise of disease?
  • If we (by some miracle) do manage to stop climate change and eradicate disease, will overshoot and conspicuous consumption somehow also miraculously be addressed?
  • And finally, is there a common thread that ties all these seemingly unrelated questions together?

Had I known what to expect, I doubt I would have commenced the journey.

Looking back, I’m glad I stuck with what proved to be an immensely challenging confrontation of the abyss — and simultaneous potential — the human species is (mostly unconsciously) facing.

The series of videos below is the culmination of that journey that took far longer than expected. The extended length of time reflects the complexity of our predicament.

TL;DR: There most definitely IS a common thread connecting the questions posed, provided one goes far enough back in history. Once able to see a sufficiently Big Picture, what comes next is more easily seen.

My intention with these videos is to catalyze and stimulate discussion around these complex, inter-related topics. I am no expert in any of the topics, much less the intersection of them all. If you know someone who is an expert, please share this series with them, with an invitation to engage.

I’ve produced these presentations in the (perhaps naive?) hope that we can transcend The Great Reset with a Momentous Leap.

I am grateful to AV and TAR — as well as everyone I’ve met in the past 18 months — for their input and guidance to help make this series possible.

You can watch each video either on this page, or you can access the extensive research sources and transcript on the page dedicated to each video:

  • Part 1: The Changing World Order
  • Part 2: What is Emerging?
  • Part 3: Net Zero: Environmental or Economic Policy?
  • Part 4: The Bifurcation of Energy (coming soon)

Part 1: The Changing World Order

In Part 1 (21:09) we explore:

  • Humanity’s ~275 Year Cycle
  • Where Are We in the Cycle?
  • What Can We Expect Next?

You can access the extensive research sources and transcript here, or watch the presentation below:

Part 2: What is Emerging?

In Part 2 (17:48) we explore:

  • The Cycle of Evolution
  • Competition vs. Collaboration
  • A Rebalanced Society

You can access the extensive research sources and transcript here, or watch the presentation below:

Part 3: Net Zero: Environmental or Economic Policy?

In Part 3 (20:06) we follow the Net Zero money trail.

You can access the extensive research sources and transcript here, or watch the presentation below:

An Invitation to Courageous Conversations

What we’re hoping to achieve with this series of videos is to catalyze conversations around the complex, inter-related topics of energy, war, disease, climate and human progress.

If you know someone who might be interested in these overlapping ideas, please share this series with them. If you’d like to engage directly in conversation, please reach out. 🙏

I am a systems thinking advisor and confidant on a mission to bring the benefits (and profits) of Ethical Sustainable Development Initiatives to the boardroom. I am grateful for the support I receive from my extensive network, without which I would not be able to offer consulting and project implementation services, systems thinking workshops and bespoke training for teams and executives that want to embrace systems thinking to leave a lasting legacy.

If you would like to find out more, please visit



Society 4.0 is the emerging meta-society being nurtured into existence by a global network of self-directed thinkers, architects, builders, doers & supporters. We are all united by a vision of thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities within an ecologically healthy world.

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