Roadmap to Society 4.0

A 20-ish year plan for an open source peer-to-peer governance and token economy

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead.
Photograph by delfi de la Rua.

The Society 4.0 Roadmap is consistent with evolutionary timescale thinking (500 years) and aligns with the Open Source Ecology Roadmap. As with the OSE, the main objective for the first 20 years of Society 4 is the eradication of artificial scarcity as the bedrock for the evolution of humanity. What isn’t tracked in this roadmap is the development of the individual elements required for a functioning Society 4.0. These elements are:

  1. Self-Sovereign Identity & Personal Data Vault (SIV)
  2. Portable Reputation (PR)
  3. Decentralised Autonomous Governance Platform (DAG)
  4. Community Sharing Platform (CSP)
  5. Decentralised Complementary Currency Network (DCN)
  6. Decentralised Universal Basic Income (DUBI)
  7. Solution Discovery Platform (SDP)
  8. Decentralised Open Source Simulation Engine (DOSE)
  9. Society Intelligence Platform (SIP)
  10. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
Society 4 Roadmap

Numerous initiatives are underway for each of these requirements, tracked and managed independently as for-profit companies. Most of these companies are, as yet, operating in silos.

2018–2019 Objectives

The key activities for this year as we build momentum for this initiative are:

  • Movement Building: Create a platform on which like-minded individuals can gather together and reach out to participants with a compelling message. Develop a quiz for individuals and institutions to test whether they are ready for Society 4.0.
  • Knowledge Repository: Create a wiki-style platform in which key outcomes can be recorded.
  • Decision-Making Tool: Implement an online voting mechanism which can be used for voting on key points of the Draft Charter.
  • Informing & Educating: Establish a newsletter which informs participants of progress. Create a documentary which summarises key developments — planning is underway.
  • Collaborative Workshops: Four workshops of approximately 100 participants each will meet in AsiaPac, Europe, America’s and Africa. The intention of these workshops is to further develop the Draft Charter.

This is a sufficiently bold endeavour to require the help and guidance of hundreds of people. If you’d like to get involved, please reach out.

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