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Society 4.0

The Next Self Organizing Collective Intelligence (SOCI)

Society 4.0 Defined

A term which describes the meta-community redesigning the value systems, reward systems, and social contracts underpinning society.

Society 4.0: The emergence of the new. Photo by Sigmund.

Society 4.0 Definition

Society 4.0 (also known as 社会 4.0 in Simplified Chinese, समाज 4.0 in Hindi, جمعية 4.0 in Arabic, Société 4.0 in French, Sociedad 4.0 in Spanish, Gesellschaft 4.0 in German, and Maatschappij 4.0 in Dutch), is a term and concept that describes the societal evolution taking place during the early 21st Century.

Society 4.0 is the meta-community that recognizes the urgent need to redesign the value systems, reward systems, and social contracts underpinning modern society.

The concept was brought to life by Prof Dr. Bob de Wit, Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode’s Center of Strategy, Organization & Leadership. De Wit contextualised Society 4.0 in his 2021 book, Society 4.0 — Resolving Eight Key Issues to Build a Citizens Society. In his book he compared the 21st Century societal evolution to previous evolutions as follows:

  • Society 1.0: The Agrarian Society (circa 10,000BC);
  • Society 2.0: The Global Trade Society (mid-15th to mid-16th century);
  • Society 3.0: The Industrial Society (mid-18th to mid-20th century);
  • Society 4.0: The Regenerative Renaissance (early 21st century).

The Society 4.0 Map is the interactive map and platform to make visible and further galvanize the movement of people who are actively and methodically redesigning outmoded social contracts.

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Society 4.0 is the emerging meta-society being nurtured into existence by a global network of self-directed thinkers, architects, builders, doers & supporters. We are all united by a vision of thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities within an ecologically healthy world.

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