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Mar 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Martin was CEO at Etnetera for the past 6 years and 6 months and he serves the company as a chairman of the board. Etnetera was founded in 1997, employing 150 people and has clients in over 12 countries. Etnetera works for Ahold, Skoda, Allianz, Fortuna, O2, Siemens, Porsche, J&T and many other leading companies.

Martin is one of the extraordinary business people in the Czech Republic. He is always into new approaches and bringing companies into another level. He is focused on results, growth, thinking out of the box and active ambassador of Freedom at work.

Seeing SOCIFI company implementing blockchain technology and its GIF token to a well-established telco industry, will bring transparency of Sponsored Data. Such movement confirms SOCIFI belongs to the new generation of tech companies. It’s my honor to help with the acceleration of the company to the next level. Informal, but in the meantime professional approach of Sidney and SOCIFI team convinced me to join them.

Martin Palicka, Chairman of the Board at Etnetera

SOCIFI is thrilled having Martin Palicka on board as a strategic investor and advisor. This cooperation brings another experienced captain aboard. In former times, Czech-based SOCIFI has grown into a global player with clients in over 67 countries and data centers on 4 continents. Over 51 million connected users have enjoyed SOCIFI services.

I met Martin a few months ago and we clicked immediately. The innovative vision and interest in new technologies and business approach resulted in close cooperation and financial investment.

Sidney Z. Hornych, CEO SOCIFI.

Source: GrowJOBinstitute YouTube. Language: Czech

Independently on the investment SOCIFI hires Zbynek Hrase, a former member of the board Etnetera & Head of Products division. Zbynek is a former Director of Innovation Project Team at Direct Insurance a fast-growing insurance company in the local market. Zbynek joins SOCIFI as a Head of Product.

About Etnetera
Etnetera ranks among the leading and largest Czech web and mobile application developers, concentrating on projects that are ambitious in their size, innovation, and influence. Etnetera has earned a number of foreign and Czech awards: Company of the Year in Prague 2009, Responsible Company of the Year in Prague 2010, Best Employer in the Czech Republic (top 3 finish 4 years in a row), repeated wins at the Internet Effectiveness Awards, IBA, Deloitte Fast50, etc. Despite the fact we have never pursuit mainly for financial numbers and we believe the numbers are the result of what you do and how you do it, not the purpose itself, we still have good financial results at the end. Our liberal and open environment has resulted in a series of awards, as I mentioned above. During the year 2011, the entire company, after a series of impulses, decided to take a brave step forward by building a “Freedom at Work” environment. In principle, this represents the destruction of restrictive rules and structure in return for freedom, trust, and participation.

SOCIFI has provided services to over 51 million users in more than 67 countries. Ongoing TGE (Token Generation Event — called GIF by SOCIFI enables the company to become a global leader in Sponsored Data.

SOCIFI is a monetization and communication tool that allows network providers to benefit by monetizing 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi & Beacons, delivering specific content and advertising, and by receiving in-depth analytics of customer and user attributes.


GIF by SOCIFI - ICO - Initial Coin Offering

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GIF by SOCIFI - ICO - Initial Coin Offering

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