Attention for mobile app developers! Promote your app using SOCIFI Media Network, promote your app the right way.

1 million apps in the App Store & 1,190,000 apps in the Google Play have never been downloaded — says the report. The sad thing for most small developer teams.

Even worse is that this is absolutely against their hopes and dreams they have after reading that amazing success major developers have made. Yes, we all know the Angry Birds story. Their take off and their success was and still is awesome. And unfortunately, we all know stories about very cool apps that failed. Why? Were they not lucky enough? Or it’s also about the advertisement? Search mechanism in the App Store is against you. The only way how users are noticed is through the top tiles list. It’s crucial to advertise. It’s crucial to advertise effectively. Don’t just count on success. Make it happen.

See? More than a half of applications is dead. It’s crucial to promote your app right way to avoid this sad end.

To reach your audience and let your app fly — you have several options how to do that, but only with SOCIFI Media Network, you can be sure that thanks to an enhanced device, the operating system even an age range targeting your app will have really serious chance to get downloaded a to be used. With SOCIFI advertising and monetization platform for free public WiFi, you have 100% share of voice, 100% engagement and very high click-through rate. What’s really cool on SOCIFI advertisement? Our users use mobile devices on the WiFi so there are no obstacles to download your app in a while.

Why choose SOCIFI cloud-based platform?

  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • 100% engagement
  • 100% share of voice

Questions and answers. Are you ready? Let’s move on!

1. How much does it cost?
 It’s your budget, not ours. It’s absolutely up to you how much you spend. During the ad, creation can simply set the CPM. Our sophisticated real-time-bidding ad server evaluates the bids of all the ads to be served.

2. How targetting works?
 You can adjust the age range, device, and location. Want more? Set preferred daytime, concrete days of the week. With this advanced targeting, you can reach your audience when you want. Not then someone else decides. Ad serving technology tailored to your needs.

3. Which ad formats does SOCIFI support?
 SOCIFI uses unique and the brand new responsive ad format. One big image which is adjusted by SOCIFI to the device and short striking text. Hungry for more? Nice, we like you! You’ll find out more at Support Center.

4. How long does it take to create an ad?
 The entire process can be done in no time. Just have your materials prepared. You’ll manage it in a minute. To be honest, we made a small test. Our CEO Zdenek was the experimental animal. He made it in 37 seconds. We gave him a sweet 🙂

Virtual cemeteries are full of applications. Literally.

Have more questions? Share them with us. It will be a pleasure to answer them all. Use our Support Center. Your questions will be answered by our enthusiastic support team. There’s step-by-step guide for advertisers waiting for you!

We want you to be successful and make most out of our partnership. Let’s discuss sales strategy and marketing support relevant to your geography and target audience. Use SOCIFI. You’ll love it. We promise.

Originally published at on June 10, 2014.