FEMA & SOCIFI WiFi Emergency Messaging — North American Government Webinar

Our team here at SOCIFI is really excited that we have the unique opportunity to present SOCIFI Wi-Fi Emergency Communications Messaging, live to as many as 30,000 local government, emergency management, and first responders. We are really excited about that, so we wanted you to know.

Our emergency communication solution is unique as SOCIFI is the only Captive Portal Solution that offers the ability to provide messaging to individuals who are on a Wi-Fi network and give them the notifications about emergencies, weather, escape routes, evacuation, missing children, etc. Why is that important you might ask? You may be in a location without cellular coverage and you can still be kept informed of local conditions.

If you’re not familiar with SOCIFI, here’s a quick introduction to how SOCIFI Wi-Fi Emergency Communications Messaging works. When the user connects to the Wi-Fi using the SOCIFI solution, they will see the login screen first with social media networks or simply a click-thru login. On this page, the user may then see a warning message (based on geolocation and CAP). On the second screen, SOCIFI displays messages, like advertisements, surveys, videos, vouchers or other formats when the subscriber connects.

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee’s open standard used by homeland security and civil emergency management to communicate with the public.

This service is currently implemented in the North American Market for all Wi-Fi network owners (Publishers). However, SOCIFI is compliant with any solution that is compatible with the OASIS Open Standard for Emergency Messaging.

After the webinar, we’ll provide you with more information about how things went. If you’re not in North America and you’re interested in Emergency Messaging for your Wi-Fi network, we can still help you out.

You’ll be happy to know that after the webinar, we’ll be sending out an update with more information about how you can implement our solution in your country. Please stay tuned! We can’t wait to work with you!

Originally published at www.socifi.com on March 7, 2017.