Google discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications on December 6th, 2018

Nearby Notifications were discovered as a way for Android users to discover apps and content based on what is nearby. Developers used this technology to inform users about free WiFi nearby or similar services.

Unfortunately, Google has noticed the gradual presence of undesirable and spammy notifications that were hurting the user experience. Google finally decided to stop support for Android Nearby Notifications on December 6th, 2018. Due to this decision, the SOCIFI Beacon feature will be discontinued from that time on.

What will exactly happen to all Android users?
Android users will stop receiving Nearby Notifications.

What does it mean for developers community?
On December 6th, 2018 Google will stop delivering both Eddystone and Physical Web beacon notifications. The access to the SOCIFI Beacon Dashboard will remain active.

Is it possible to use 3rd party SDK and its notifications?

Absolutely yes. With our SDK, which will be finished early next year, you will be able to send notifications also.

If you need more information or seeking assistance feel free to contact our support center.