Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet) Transactions Overview

We have great news for all clients using SOCIFI Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet). With Pay-Thru you can enable Premium Paid Internet Plans and monetize your network with another tool. No wonder that now we proudly present Pay-Thru Overview 1.0B.

The first version of Pay-Thru Overview is in Beta stage only but you can get it even today. Simply visit your Beta Dashboard (if you are not aware of Beta Dashboard URL, please reach out to our support), click on your email on the top left corner and select “Pay-Thru Overview”.

When you click on this option a new window appears and you get your Pay-Thru Overview.

What Pay-Thru Overview offers?

In the first line bar you are able to see all transactions: completed, not completed and refunded.

In the case you have more Brands that offer Pay-Thru, You can simply select one of them or all. And also you can search for a specific transaction, customer’s email or a voucher code.

The second line bar enables you to sort the transactions by Order number, Start and Expiration time, Voucher code, PIN and Price. Of course, we added a calendar selector for you to select the desired period.

New Pay-Thru Overview is a basic part of a new Dashboard, but all functionalities and even new ones such as refunds, exports, and other details follow soon!

Thank you for being with SOCIFI.

Originally published at on April 5, 2017.