SOCIFI Custom Tracking Pixel for Media Agencies and Advertisers

Usually, we wait with new features announcements to the next newsletter. But this a special one.

Today, we have launched Tracking Pixel URLs for all accounts and clients. With such a feature you can measure Views (Impressions) and Clicks thru your own (or third-party) monitoring/reporting system you use.

Tracking Pixel is used for the purpose of tracking actions. You will need to have the third party service where is the tracking URL generated. So you can then know the user has completed an action and you can measure actions in the 3rd party service. With UTM you can track only clicks. With Tracking Pixel you can monitor also views.

How to enable Tracking Pixel URL?

Tracking Pixel URL is available for all accounts. You can use Tracking Pixel URL while creating an ad in SOCIFI Dashboard. Simply add your unique Tracking Pixel URL for View (Impressions) and for Clicks and you will be able to monitor the performance thru third-party reporting system.

Happy pixeling!

Your SOCIFI team.

Originally published at on May 16, 2017.