Donald Dump

Nov 9, 2016 Donald J Trump became our new president elect; throughout his campaign he was very critical of many people including our Mexican-American, and African-American communities. Trump stated that in his first 100 days he would eliminate DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) President Barak Obama had establish in 2012. DACA provides the opportunity for undocumented students to be able go to school, obtain a work permit, and protection from deportation.

By eliminating DACA Trump will indirectly criminalize youth that were working toward becoming a productive member of this society. The school to prison pipeline will alter if Trump decides to proceed with his allegations. For the fact that millions students who were protected under the Deferred Action will now be criminalized. Historically, groups that have been subjected to the highest levels of oppression have always been deprived from education. We all are aware that having an educated society not only benefits our economy but helps decrease crime rate.

Our justice and educational systems needs to be reformed, because with our incoming administration our justice and educational system will legally target the more vulnerable members of our society.