Numbers of test scores have climbed just a tiny bit in this last school year according to the chief of education for the state of California. While there were improvements, there is still a gap between Asian, whites with students of Latino, black, and English learners.

For 60 years since the Brown vs Board of education, many attempts have been made to close the opportunity gap. There is still large evidence that not much has been accomplished over the years. There is still a significant difference in test score and over all outcomes between white and asian Americans with Black Latino and english learners.

It all starts with education. Where and how much money is spent on each students, one facility upgrades/quality, and the salaries of teachers. These all affect what kind of education I have received, my parents received and the what my children are currently getting. It has started with a racial degradation and discrimination from whites to black counter parts. I feel keeping non whites at a disadvantage, thus keeping “them” at a lower stance in society. Education inequality is one fundamental basis or root cause of a broader sense of inequality.

From a local stand point, here in Santa Clara County, having a measure that was approved is another baby step in closing the achievement gap.


The San Jose Unified School District will ask voters to approve a property tax to support core academic programs in reading, writing, math, the arts and science. Measure Y would require a two-thirds vote to authorize an annual $72 parcel tax, which would raise $5 million a year for eight years until it expires. The measure calls for independent citizen oversight and would restrict funds from paying district salaries.

I really feel that this is a step in the right direction, and that how well a students educational environment makes an impact.