The Downward Spiral of Childhood Obesity

Obesity has been a huge epidemic in America for a very long time, and continues to grow every year. Not only are adults in America being affected, but rates are shooting through the roofs for children. This can be said to be the fault of many things, for example this could be the fault of fast food restaurants popping up on every corner. I personally feel that the parental figures of children are at fault for the childhood obesity rates rising. Now, I have a lot of reasoning behind this conclusion. First, parents are the beginning educators of their children when they are born. They have made the choice to take care of the baby, and teach the basic necessities needed so they can succeed going into school. Teaching the proper habits that will need to be used on a daily basis. The most important habit to be learned is most definitely proper eating and dieting, but it also seems to be the hardest habit for parents to teach.

Through some research, I discovered that proper eating habits begin to be developed around the infancy level. Parents tend to get lazier as time goes on but this is due to lack of time, or maybe even just being overly stressed over the long day at work. This then begins a downward spiral where parents tend to lose focus and take the easier paths that are given to them. What I mean by that, is instead of focusing on making a healthy dinner, when there is not enough time fast food restaurants begin to be that easier route that is taken. Take me as an example, when I was younger I ate out a lot. I was always doing an active activity, so me eating out never affected me in a harsh degree. But eating out was the easiest thing for my parents to do because of their busy schedules. I have personally noticed to this day, that I tend to want to take the easy route and not cook and just go out to eat because its easier and more efficient with time. This was a normal routine for me when I was in elementary school and middle school. Luckily I have noticed and have taken the initiative to not eat out as much as I used too.

Another huge factor to think about is the damage that this can cause to a child psychologically. When teaching children the wrong eating habits it can cause a lot of unseen damage. Think about it, its a cruel world; if a child is obese, there is always that chance that they could be bullied at school. This then would make their weight, more of an issue then it needs to be. Children can begin to have a negative picture of themselves causing a psychological downfall in their life. Children can begin to develop early stages of depression and many other issues, with absolutely no tools or resources whatsoever to help them. This issue seems to be overlooked. Parental figures seem to be in denial to their own children being obese. I couldn’t tell you exactly why some parents are in denial, but I believe things can lean towards that it is hard to create change in your life. Parents who have bad eating habits will struggle to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. To save the struggling rates of Childhood Obesity, it will take parents initiative to do whatever they can to create the healthiest lifestyle for their children. Their children will grow and learn within the enrivonment and habits that they are surrounded by.