The impact the Media has on Children

Wouldn’t you want to protect your child to the best of your abilities? Your job as a parent is to protect your children from all the evil and negativity in the world. The “harmless” t.v shows, cartoons, Disney movies that you allow your child to watch may also have an impact on their cognitive development. Think about how many hours a day do your kids spend watching t.v. With each waking hour that passes by, your children are being sent messages that you may not even be aware of it.

Children spend hours a day in front of the television

A variety of movies may be from Disney animation to violent action packed films. Violence within Disney films are sending your child subliminal messages. While your child watches violent cartoons or Disney films, they may be conditioned to think that the character’s actions are acceptable. While children may develop an attachment to one character they are more likely to act out accordingly to the character’s action. Most parents would think that is “normal” for a child development, so, they don’t think twice about letting their child watch such movies. Parents believe in the idea that children have such an active imagination that they are mainly acting out their fantasy, playing around, and acting out their emotions in a healthy manner. Just how healthy is it? Children are the most vulnerable and innocent. They are always more easily influenced by adults, peers, friends, and even through the social media. While adults do have a major impact on children, so does the mass media because whatever the kids watch on television, they will act it out. It doesn’t have to be like this, however.

Parents can control what their children watch on television. There are many ways that parents can find a positive improvement in your kids developmental process. A few ways that parents can be more involved is that they can put on parental control and monitor what their children watch on television and also monitor how many hours a day their kids watch t.v. It is always the slightest actions that make the biggest impact in your child’s life.