The Surge of Unaccompanied Minor Immigrant Children

The surge of unaccompanied minor immigrants has exposed the nation to deeper issues than just an influx of children. Humanity is being tested at its fullest because these children are being exposed to not only physiological, but also physical abuse and trauma. How the nation is handling the situation can be viewed critically depending if one is against or for this surge of unaccompanied minor immigrant children. Before assuming and concluding, people must acknowledge the facts and understand the reasons for the surge of these unaccompanied minor immigrants.

Every year, thousands of unaccompanied minor immigrant children make their way across the United States border illegally. There are more than 57,000 minors who have crossed into the United States illegally since October of 2014. Among these 57,000 minors, 98% arriving at the border are Latino: 28% from Honduras, 25% from Mexico, 24% from Guatemala, and 21% from El Salvador.

The reasons these children flee their countries is due to extreme poverty, a vast amount of violence, and oftentimes family reunification. Extreme cases of poverty makes this one of the leading causes for migration. Over 40% of children hope to work part time and also pursue an education to help their families move forward in life. The violence that is occurring in these children's lives is pushing them to seek peace at any means necessary. Children are terrified of the vast amount of violence happening in their home countries. These children are being forced into gangs; when they deny or rebel to join, their families suffer the consequences. Families, parents to be specific, leave children early on in their lives in hopes to seek for a better future. When these families immigrate and are stable enough, they fight to have their children by their side. This is another reason for the fleeing of children, family reunification.