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The Truth About being a BIZCOM DDP student in NUS: Prelude

Perspectives from current and past BIZCOM DDP students

Welcome to this series, where I find out about five students’ experiences in BIZCOM DDP, by inviting them to share about their academic journey thus far.

First, let’s clarify some terms:

  1. DDP: Double Degree Programme
  2. BIZCOM: Business and Computing
  3. IS: Information Systems
  4. CS: Computer Science
  5. BIZ: Business (Administration)
  6. ACC: Accountancy

Do note that the term “BIZCOM DDP” used throughout this series is an unofficial one. The official programme name used by NUS is “Double (/ Single) Honours Degree in BCOMP and BBA Programme” and more information can be found here.

In this series, I seek to unravel the actual experiences of two IS-BIZ DDP students, one CS-BIZ DDP student, one student who chose to drop out of IS-BIZ DDP, and one IS-ACC DDP graduate.

Is it true that DDP students are “very smart and hardworking”, and only know how to study with “no social life”? How prestigious is BIZCOM DDP? What does it take to complete and conquer the DDP? Through a series of interviews, the next few articles would provide multiple insider perspectives to these questions and more.

With this series, I hope that the audience would be able to see BIZCOM DDP in a clearer and more honest light. More importantly, I hope that the seniors’ sharing would be helpful to prospective university students and juniors who are intending to take up BIZCOM DDP or are already taking this program.

Here is the list of interviews of the five students:

NUS BIZCOM DDP Seniors Sharing

7 stories

Disclaimer: I did this as a personal project of my own, for the purpose of sharing and hopefully benefitting juniors in BIZCOM DDP. The articles in this series are not commissioned by NUS in any way. The interviewees were given the freedom to express themselves to their own comfortable extent, and I seek that the audience respect everyone’s point of view. Feel free to give the articles a “clap” and share them if you found them useful. Thank you very much.



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