🥤SODA To Add Two Additional Pools Prior To Launch!

Sep 15, 2020 · 2 min read
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The SODA project is less than 24 hours 🕑 away from launch and we have been exploring a very interesting phenomenon. Cefi Exchanges are breaking the norm and are striving to innovate by expanding into decentralized finance and business. For example, Binance Smart Chain and HipoSwap of Gate.io are both aggressively developing DeFi projects for their clients.

In order to support the decentralized revolution, we have decided to add two additional pools and adjust the distribution rewards prior to launch.

  • Pool 1 is for WETH — stake to earn SODA;
  • Pool 2 is for USDT-ETH SLP — stake to earn SODA & SUSHI;
  • Pool 3 is for SoETH-ETH UNI-V2 LP — earns 2x SODA rewards;
  • Pool 4 is for SODA-ETH UNI-V2 LP — earns 5x SODA rewards;

New pools that will be added listed below:

  • Pool 5🥤 GT-ETH UNI-V2 LP You can participate in SODA mining by staking Uniswap LP tokens for the GT/ETH pair! We will support HipoSwap LPs when they launch their exchange assuming it operates on Ethereum. Stay tuned!
  • Pool 6🥤 simply deposit GT tokens which is the platform token for the exchange Gate.io to earn SODA.

We hope that more Cefi exchange platform tokens can be added to decentralized trading pools (such as Uniswap) in the future, which we find very interesting and forward-thinking.

Due to time constraints, and the lack of a liquidity pool for HT/ETH as well as the liquidity for the OKB/ETH Uniswap pool being too small, they will not be initially supported. In addition, SODA does not currently support BSC, so let’s get this adventure going with the addition of GT/ETH and GT tokens!

After the SODA project has launched, the community can list more pools via the governance process. 🗳️


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