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Making the most of our data

Background to the data strategy in Surrey

More than ever data insights are being used to improve the quality of our public services.

Here in Surrey we have many excellent examples of high-quality collaborative data analytics and insights — ranging from our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of the Surrey Office of Data Analytics (SODA), Population Health Management (PHM), partnership work to tackle Health Inequalities and much more.

The Health and Wellbeing Board and Integrated Care System Executive have commissioned a Surrey-wide data strategy to underpin our models of service delivery and care in Surrey. As part of this work, we are currently exploring how we can enable smoother information sharing across partner organisations. The Surrey-wide data strategy team’s ambition is to develop a strategy to benefit our residents and support making informed decisions and evidence-based recommendations to:

Join the conversation

If you work in Surrey (for a local authority, or even third sector) and your work involves using data, analytics, sharing information and insights, or you are involved in the digital landscape — then we want to hear from you!

We welcome your input into this process and have therefore scheduled a series of workshops. The workshops will explore how we collaboratively work in the data and analytic space and the collective benefits to residents and partnerships. We will think about scenarios where data sharing is needed, considering the challenges and opportunities to establish what good looks like for us as a system. This will include exploring Information Governance (IG), ways of working, principles for collaboration and much more.

The sessions are split into ‘system-wide’ and ‘place-based’ workshops.

System-wide workshops are designed for those colleagues who work across Surrey’s public organisations and external partners, while place-based workshops will have a geographic focus on local partnerships.

The workshops will be held virtually on Teams and delivered by the Surrey Data Strategy Team:

Please select a date and send an email to to book your slot. If you are unable to join on any of these dates, we will have an active forum for you to feedback soon.

We look forward to working with you.



SODA is a coalition of agencies across Surrey aimed at testing and establishing stronger collaboration through data analytics to deliver insights that inform and improve strategic and tactical decision making for the benefit of Surrey residents.

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