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What are the SoDA profits? Top 8 by member companies

SoDA Benefits
TOP 8 — SoDA Benefits
  1. Bench — exchange of employees and leads.
  2. Thematic events, dedicated to each group in SoDA — closed, exclusive meetings for business owners (SoDA Locals), the newest SoDA Connect project for managers, or open events for larger (SoDA Conference) and smaller scale.
  3. Possibility of networking with a large, IT community of over 160 companies.
  4. Help in the company’s development, by the regular training and access to the educational platform for all employees, as well as the possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience.
  5. Public Advocacy and law activities in the areas related to the IT market.
  6. IT industry representation in the media and promotion of Polish software houses in cooperation with a PR agency.
  7. No employees limits — everyone in the company can take benefit of the SoDA offer within one fee.
  8. Saving money thanks to discounts and special offers prepared by SoDA partners.



Key information about Software Houses in Poland

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