Introducing — The Podcast Queue

Today, Sodio is introducing some shiny new features. In this post we’ll dig into them using a combination of text and GIF images. It might take some time to load the GIFs, but they’re definitely worth waiting for. 
If you haven’t done so already, grab the updated Sodio iPhone app over here. Okay, let’s go!

The Queue

One of the most integral parts of Sodio will henceforth be its Queue function. This is where you put the episodes you want downloaded to your device. The Queue makes it easy to save episodes for later, e.g. when you’re traveling or for some reason don’t have an internet connection.

The episodes you add to your Queue will automatically download once you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

The episodes you’ve finished listening to will automatically be removed from your Queue and device.

Queue automatically downloads episodes over Wi-Fi
Queue takes care of things, downloading your stuff

The Player

We’ve given the player a little bit of love. It now goes hand in hand with your Queue. Select an episode in your Queue and you’ll jump straight over to the player.

Queue and player, goes hand in hand

The Episode Details

Selecting an episode will provide you with the full details of that episode. Choose ‘Play Now’ to instantly start listening or choose ‘Add To Queue’ to queue and download the episode for later listening.

Get the full details of each episode
Play Now or Add To Queue

We hope you’ll like what’s new in this update. Let us know what you like/dislike, contact info is available in the links below.

— The team at Sodio

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