Introducing SofaPlay for Apple TV. 📺

With SofaPlay we have built an app to make streaming to Smart TVs as easy and frictionless as possible. Building on top of the rather old but widely supported UPNP/DLNA standard, we imagined being able to instantly start streaming as soon as both the TV and your Mac are connected to the same network. Unfortunately, we observed, that proper UPnP support is not always the top priority for Smart TV manufacturers and therefore, its implementation is sometimes flaky and buggy. Some manufacturers even implement their own custom extensions that are not part of the published standard. It was very frustrating to have no control over parts of the experience and to see some customers unhappy because of unfixable bugs with their Smart TV and home network setup.

That’s the reason why we tried a new approach in our journey to be the best streaming solution: A SofaPlay app for Apple TV called “SofaPlay TV”.

It’s important to understand, that we are still 100% committed to building the best streaming client for traditional Smart TVs. In fact we doubled down on the underlying UPnP/DLNA standard. Because under the hood, SofaPlay TV is a traditional UPnP Media Renderer. The same basic technology as it is implemented by many Smart TVs.

With SofaPlay TV, we doubled down on the underlying UPnP/DLNA standard.

Because of this, SofaPlay TV is even compatible with old versions of SofaPlay for Mac. By controlling both the streaming app as well as the app, that receives and displays the stream on the TV, we are now in a position to get the whole experience right.

The Next Step: SofaPlay TV

SofaPlay TV is as simple as possible. After establishing a successful connection, SofaPlay TV gives you a visual indication that it is now connected. There is even a pleasant *bling* sound to confirm the connection.

Connecting SofaPlay to your Apple TV is easy, simple and fast.

After this point, just use SofaPlay on your Mac as usual. It supports many different combinations of media formats and video codecs. A whole lot more than Apple does with AirPlay file streaming. Ever tried to stream a .mkv file to Apple TV using AirPlay? We did. And it didn’t work. But with SofaPlay TV it does.

SofaPlay TV is available for free in the App Store on your Apple TV. If you’re already a SofaPlay customer, just download the app and you’re ready to go. This way, you get an instant upgrade to your streaming experience for free. Also, customers who recently bought and switched to Apple TV, can check out the experience without paying again.

We hope this post shows what we’ve been working on in the last weeks and months. We are committed to pushing SofaPlay forward in the future. Stay tuned for more. 🚀