Comfort Outside Comfort Zone.

Stockholm, Central Station. Before departure.

Flying became much cheaper. Travelling got much easier. And our patience has never been as bad as nowadays. To appreciate.

Come on, when was the last time you where alone in a old snail train for min. 8 hours?
Malmö station.

So SAS decided to strike today and I was kind of forced to take the 8-hour train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Seriously, no way. I have to say that I was a pissed. But now while I am forced to be in this delayed train all alone on a f****** Saturday evening, I am surprising enjoying it?


Do me a favor. Take half a day out of your calendar, book a min. 8 hour train trip with window seat and beautiful scenery. Make sure to buy enough water, snacks and food and just travel from one to another end. You may take a nap, reflect on your life from one to another end. If even lucky, you might meet a stranger.

Surprisingly, this 8 hour train journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen did good to my soul that there was no more reason to complain.

Here is why.

I met two book worms, a peaceful couple. Ate well. Slept well. Experienced breath-taking sunset, Sweden’s green nature, wooden houses and truly spend time just for myself looking outside the window, reflecting, charging, writing, reading and drawing.

We tend to be busy in life, expectations, responsibilities and see happiness in others rather than ourselves. Forced into a direction, living in a our own box, time runs, the train continues and we tend to forget the beauty outside our comfort zone. This was a beautiful way of freeing the mind, thinking outside the great old invention and simply just appreciating the gift of life.

Make sure you make time for yourself once in a while. Comfort outside your comfort zone.


Sofi Sitha

Following the sunset from the window. What a blessing.
I met an interracial couple in my kupé. The woman was Swedish and the man was Italian. This was the book that the man was reading — basically creative way of learning Swedish.
The cover of the book.
Arrival in Malmö, followed by further travel time home to Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.