Sofitto Announces Partnership with Blockchain Travel Review Platform Futourist

Maša Judar
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2 min readJul 4, 2018


Sofitto is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the blockchain review platform @Futourist. As part of the collaboration, users of the Futourist platform will now gain access to Sofitto’s unique payment card, which doubles as a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and our mobile wallet.

The Sofitto/Futourist partnership aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to everyone. Our blockchain solutions work behind the scenes to provide services that are cheaper, quicker, and better, thanks to it. You do not have to know a single thing about blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies to use the Sofitto card and our mobile wallet. The Sofitto card looks and functions just like any other payment card, but it does so much more.

Futourist users will be able to safely store and spend their tokens using the Sofitto card. The solution is well-suited to the needs of digital nomads, who make up the user base of the Futourist platform. The payment card and hardware wallet will become operational soon. Once it does, users will be able to spend digital assets at participating locations around the world.

Alexander Vasylchenko, CEO and co-founder of Sofitto

Speaking about the partnership, Sofitto CEO Alexander Vasylchenko said: “Genuine experience is the most important asset for your travel decisions. Futourist is to create an Internet of Experiences #IoE, which you consume, create, share and now monetize.”

Sofitto partnered with Futourist ahead of the platform’s crowd sale. We will be the wallet technology provider for Futourist’s FTR tokens. Futorurist users who contributed more than 5 ETH in their February 20th crowd sale will receive a Sofitto card for free. Futourist users who did not participate in the crowd sale will be able to purchase the Sofitto card as well.

Žiga Lukša

Futourist CEO Žiga Lukša added: “Partnership with Sofitto is a very important milestone for Futourist project. Our vision is to bring benefits of blockchain to everyday users and Sofitto payment card is one of the most important part in achieving our goal!”

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