Sofocle Launches Zeeve — Blockchain As a Service, Product and Infrastructure Management Platform

Sofocle — An enterprise Blockchain Company, proudly announces the launch of its’ new Platform Zeeve. Zeeve is a Blockchain as a Service platform with Infrastructure management on demand. The first of its kind when released in December 2018, it is capable of fully deploying a cloud-based Blockchain network within a few minutes.

Zeeve provides the comfort of deploying Blockchain networks with cross-cloud integrations i.e. AWS, AZURE, ORACLE & GOOGLE and provides ability to import or extend existing Sawtooth networks as well.

Zeeve’s primary users are developers aiming to learn Blockchain and following up with development of custom applications using it. Zeeve also attracts businesses aiming at faster time to market, deployment & management of running networks with complete flexibility and scaling. These users require ease, control, optimization and customization on their blockchain deployments in-order to fulfil numerous legal and/or commercial requirements for their applications.

With Zeeve one gets the ability to use freely available services & smart contracts to try and test, however can also leverage the potential by building and deploying custom solutions on top of their managed networks.

In-built benchmarking and optimization engine extends the capability even further by not only generating in-depth reports around operational resources but blockchain parameters affecting the network and its throughput as well. It also facilitates an intelligent one-click optimization based upon these reports with active flexibility to manually control the changes required. Hence, it not only helps in achieving a high performance and quality Blockchain network but also tunes the operational resources involved accordingly, in turn providing an effective and autonomous cost management.

Adding further to the feature pool is managed distributed governance rights among all the network users. It also has easy sharing and invitation model to scale the network with appropriate control.

Zeeve is a motivation, an approach, a new attitude and a refined idea of how we look forward to Blockchain ecosystems with equivalent ease of use. It serves an end to end need whether it is an enterprise trying to disrupt an industry using blockchain, a developer innovating the next big thing using blockchain or a student trying to learn and join the future technology league.

Some of the major benefits of this platform are-

  • Free/Open source solution repository or Deploy your own network
  • Monetise — Premium and Enterprise marketplace
  • Robust Monitoring and Management Tool
  • Integrated IDE and smart contract designer
  • Assisted update and migration

Blockchain developers can sign up on the platform to ensure their early access. Registrations are open now, visit Zeeve to Sign up now!




Sofocle Technologies ( is an award-winning Global Blockchain Company. It offers Blockchain solutions for Supply Chain management, finance, logistics, Healthcare, Food Supply Chain, Insurance and Automobile Industry.

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Sofocle ( is a Blockchain Company Focussed on Developing Innovative Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Product Supply Chain & Insurance.

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