Massage & The Power of Obsidian

Mo Ortega
Mo Ortega
Apr 17, 2019 · 3 min read

At the top of the Temple of the Sun, the warmth of the day bakes my shoulders while my heart beats so fast it makes me thirsty for the water I never carry enough of. I try to stand close to the ledge hoping for a cool breeze while looking in awe onto the avenue which begins with the temple of the moon. I love knowing that all I have to do is walk to the end of the avenue of the dead, onto a dusty road and I can greet my obsidian carvers.

The casita of obsidian carvers sits concealed in the sleepy town of Teotihuacán, which mothers Obsidian quarries that are older than the Aztec civilization. Within the perimeters, just 50 miles outside of Mexico City, lives a town which not only holds treasure in its belly but generations of talented obsidian carvers. The richness of the people and ancestral history adds its energy to the land, while sinking into the quarries of stone.

Historical Teotihuacán adds a unique energetic property to its obsidian, with a dual use in weaponry as well as its use in healing. In Aztec times, Teotihuacán was used as a religious center while the quarries of obsidian were used for ritual tools, jewelry and everyday uses. The dualistic energetic properties of obsidian draw from its traditional indigenous use as well as its unique physical composition.

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In actuality, obsidian is not a stone or crystal at all. Its composed of hot silica enriched magna from a volcano which had rapidly cooled to form glass. The glass like composition of obsidian gives an added healing property of holding heat without physically changing its integrity.

In massage, an obsidian “stone” has the ability to give a superior massage with little effort from the therapist with maximum results for the recipient.

As a soft tissue manual tool, it can be specifically used as:

  • A Hot Stone Tool to Soften Muscles

Depending on the tool, obsidian can be used like hot stones. However, extra skin protection must be given due to obsidian’s ability to retain high temperature heat. When used safely and properly, obsidian can circulate blood and soften ischemic muscles easily.

  • Acupressure or Neuromuscular Tool for Point Therapy

Very little pressure is needed to sink into soft tissue because of obsidians natural physical properties. When safely and properly used they can precisely pin point neuromuscular areas and can even be used to break up scare tissue.

  • Fascia Tool

Depending on the Obsidian tool, using the edge of the tool can be used to open up areas in need fascia work. They tools can be used without lotion and heated to safely promote muscle function. Fascia stokes are easy to do when you no longer have to use you finger tips or palms.

  • A Energetic Clearing Tool

The physical composition of obsidian is unique in that chemically it interacts with water. All obsidian tools are energetically able to move blocked, stagnant energy. The flat tools can be used in chi moving techniques like Gua Sha.

Looking out at the Avenue of the dead at Teotihuancan from the top of the Temple of the Moon. The Temple of the Sun is on the left.

In short, my experience with working with massage tools and my travels continuously inspire me to create new tools and techniques with them. Stay tuned for more blogs on the energy of obsidian and new technique revealed.

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Body and Spine

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Mo Ortega

Written by

Mo Ortega

Medical Massage Therapist and educator. Dual licensed skin care genius interested in all things mama earth origin, so we can all live to talk about it.

Body and Spine

Educational information for licensed professionals which include medical massage technique, product review and CEU course information.

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