Introducing Promoter, our solution for in-store marketers using Pepper

Promoter for Pepper, the first out-of-the-box solution for innovative in-store marketers.

Today, we’re unveiling a suite of software solutions for the most common use cases for Pepper, our flagship robot — no engineering degree required! First out of the gate is Promoter, an out-of-the-box solution for innovative in-store marketers.

SoftBank Robotics stands at the precipice of the robotics revolution as the leader in humanoid form factors. Promoter fills the void between Pepper’s original platform approach and the single-function approach favored by other robotics companies. Much in the same way that Microsoft Office and default iOS and Android applications allowed early adopters to immediately derive value from their computers and phones, we hope that Promoter will both empower new Pepper customers while also serving as an inspirational foundation for the next generation of robotic application developers.

Until today, Pepper customers would typically use our APIs and SDKs to build custom applications. This presented a challenge for those without access to engineering talent. To ensure our best-in-class robot is accessible to everyone, we embarked on a rapid user research and product development initiative to launch the first version of Promoter in just over three months!

Pepper is a marketing machine

Marketers have repeatedly told us that they’re looking for a simple, intuitive way to get started on Pepper. Promoter has been designed with non-technical users in mind, allowing them to easily create a promotional campaign for Pepper to deliver: users can upload images to be displayed on Pepper’s tablet, write text for Pepper to speak, and select pre-defined animations for Pepper to perform. Marketers can measure campaign conversion metrics by enabling Pepper to ask for emails, phone numbers, and answers to a simple survey. Pepper can even send a text message back to customers when they enter their phone number, driving them to a website or a mobile app download, thus successfully bridging the online and offline worlds in a trackable loop.

Through various pilots over the last year, we’ve proved that Pepper has been attracting large crowds everywhere. What would you pay for undivided attention from customers in your store?

Promoter is the first B2B2C robotic solution that can be customized without the need for expensive technical overhead. Simply upload your existing marketing assets, tweak your advertising copy, and voilà, you can publish your campaign on Pepper.

We’re waiting for you at Collision

Drop by meeting room #269 or booth B8 at Collision Conference in New Orleans May 2–4 to get a first look at what Promoter can do for you.

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