Connections that matter

courtesy of Digital Humanities Specialist

The very fundamental nature of matter is that it is composed of particles that are in constant motion. They move in random unpredictable directions but once in a while they collide.

These particles are always on their journey. Every time they collide, something in them changes. They are left with aftershocks, sometimes undergoing significant changes. They never remain the same again.

Every little encounter imparts change; either growth or decay. A little bit of the particle is left on the other particle that collided with it and vice versa.

On top of these changes within the particles something else happens. Something outside them. Lets assume these particles are the size of small rocks. When two rocks collide, they produce a sound. This sound is not part of the rocks but it emanates from their interactions. This sound can be termed as an emergent property meaning something that comes into existence due to interactions between objects, bodies, activities etc that was not contained in any of them.

The same happens to us human beings. We are always in a constant state of haphazard motion. Bouncing here and there. Always colliding with new people and new experiences.

They always leave something behind with us. An impression in our memories through our senses and emotions. We also rub something of ourselves on them. This is the very nature of being.

All these encounters change us in both small, unrecognizable ways and big, memorable ways. Sometimes, something magical, a certain element of chemistry arises from these collisions.

We always wish that some of them could linger for longer. Just a little bit longer. Not to relive the encounters but to float on the energy they leave behind. To swim on the wave of this energy. To make these connections permanent.

We want to create a string between us and the people who leave such encounters entrenched within us. We want to make a web of these important connections in way that makes sense to us.

All these while we continue on our random journey of life; our web needing to continue growing, mutating and changing over time. Adding new strings, strengthening the weak ones and making sense of it all.

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