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You often hear worries about AI bringing automation and taking away jobs. If done right this can be a good thing. More meaningless activities automated equals more meaningful activities for people. It comes down to untapped human potential. Everyone has a potential to make a difference but often times that potential is not taken advantage of because people are working on low impact areas.

AI can help create a society where resources are not scarce, they are shared. Autonomous cars is one of the examples. People will have less of a need to fight over resources. Here’s another example: automation = more effective and cheaper way of producing goods -> can lead to the abundance of resources.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) that allows people to devote their lives to what they truly are good at and to fulfill their potential and contribute to the society in the best way they can and love. It can help people to live a life of Ikigai. More fulfilled lives = fewer problems created.

Taking the time back and thinking about fundamental things like this is crucial. It serves as the foundation for life. With automation and UBI people can have more time for such philosophizing and they can be guided, educated and helped towards a better life for themselves and the world. Both of others humans, organizations and by AI itself. Our human tendency to “shoot ourselves in the foot” on an individual, organizational and societal level can be mitigated in various ways with the help of AI. We need to compensate for the naturally flawed parts of our minds. One science fiction example is a higher consciousness that could be achieved by merging ourselves with AI through Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). There are actually companies today working on it. Elon Musk's Neuralink and another company called

The following brilliant videos from The School Of Life show the possibilities with AI in helping us navigate ourselves, others, the world and our potential.

We can create better societal systems with distributed ledger technology such as blockchain and smart contracts. Such automation combined with smart AI makes it less possible for people to cheat the systems, for instance with corruption and can give more opportunities for direct democracy. Another example is better systems where everyone (countries, companies, people) is incentivized for collaborating and where resources are automatically calculated and distributed.


Ultimately, it is about the AI that frees us from meaningless work, augments our intelligence and helps us to solve the world problems and come up with advancements and breakthroughs.

AI = new opportunities -> growth.

This article was created at SoftRobot which is a Swedish AI company with the first product, Aiida, which is a teachable AI to automate the document workflow with a mission to rid the manual labour related to interpreting and processing the files and free up humans to reach the greater potential. We hope you could take something away from it.

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