Browser Compatibility Test with Lambdatest and Selenium

Browser compatibility testing also known as cross-browser testing is non-functional testing that checks for the compatibility of your application against different browser types and operating systems.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that helps in both manual and automated browser compatibility testing(

LambdaTest Selenium Grid

To run selenium scripts on lambda test, the following are required:

  1. Create an account with Lambdatest

2. Prepare your selenium test suite(.SIDE file). You can install selenium IDE here and selenium SIDE runner

3. Install node and side-runner

brew install node
npm install -g selenium-side-runner

Click here to install browser drivers locally

4. To launch the runner use the command

selenium-side-runner /path/to/your-project.side

LambdaTest authentication credentials

LambdaTest authentication credentials can be found on the top right corner of the Lambda automation page.

N.B To run the parallel tests, go to your settings from your test suites on selenium IDE, select parallel test and submit. Find more details here

Selenium IDE Tests on LambdaTest Selenium Cloud Grid

To run selenium test on lambdaTest selenium grid, navigate to the directory where the.SIDE file is located (here it is located at “LambdaTest-IDE.side”) and executes the below command in the terminal, after replacing the GRID URL:

selenium-side-runner-w 4 “LambdaTest-IDE.side”-- server -c “browserName = 'chrome' version = '72.0' platform = 'Windows 10'”

NB: GRID URL can be copied from the “hub” see the image above to understand. ‘w’ is the number of parallel processes to run.

To check for different browser types and compatibility, click here

Your executed script should look like this on the command line and on LambdaTest

Executed Browser Compatibility test cases on LambdaTest

You can read more from here. Also, leave a comment and share. Cheers**



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