API testing using postman — Advance Test Scripts(Sandbox API)

In this tutorial, We are using the Scripts Tab the postman — Pre Request & Test script — Which run before and after the response and request.

What is the Pre Request Script. : — Pre-request scripts are snippets of code associated with a collection request that are executed before the request is sent.

Test Request (Post) : — Test Script — validation or for Testing.

Use Sandbox API for advance test scripts. Module Supported : —

  1. atob→ v1.1.2
  2. chai→ v3.5.0
  3. cheerio→ v0.22.0
  4. crypto-js→ v3.1.9–1
  5. lodash→ v4.17.2
  6. postman-collection→ v1.2.0
  7. tv4→ v1.2.7
  8. uuid→ (the module loaded is a shim for original module)
  9. xml2js→ 0.4.17

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