Agile Anti-patterns

Most software developer teams strive to become agile, but certain practices prevent them from truly reaping the benefits of the methodology.

We researched the most common mistakes teams make while trying to become agile and compiled them in the following list:

  1. Lacking an established product vision
  2. Focusing on contract negotiation
  3. Sticking to a plan
  4. Avoiding change
  5. Lack of leadership
  6. Not having a backlog
  7. Not involving the whole team in estimation meetings
  8. Not using planning poker
  9. Overcommitting for iterations
  10. Missing stand-ups
  11. Poor communication
  12. Lack of focus
  13. Too many meetings
  14. Constant interruptions
  15. No teamwork
  16. Poor team structure
  17. Micro-managing
  18. Focusing on documentation
  19. Dismissing innovative ideas
  20. Ignoring customer feedback
  21. Infrequent delivery & releases
  22. No code reviews
  23. Testing late
  24. Few retrospective meetings
  25. Not having Demo meetings

It is important to remember that there is no rigid standard to how agile should be implemented; the Agile Manifesto simply provides the foundation upon which teams can build their software development.

Nevertheless, making sure you avoid the previously listed practices can ensure a better adoption of agile and a more efficient software development team.

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